When you visit Madrid, even just once, you always want to come back.

This compelling need to return, which is fixed in the minds of the millions of tourists who come to the Spanish capital every year, is probably due to the fact that Madrid is a city in constant turmoil, but at the same time very welcoming and safe, which has everything visitors need to spend an extraordinary few days relaxing surrounded by culture, fun and nature.

One of its main attractions is to stroll through its streets and let yourself be captivated by its beauty and bustling atmosphere. It is undoubtedly a place where boredom has no place.

The city has an intense social and cultural life, which includes a wide range of possibilities, from visits to historical monuments, world-renowned museums, theaters, concerts, gastronomy, cafés, its famous esplanades, charming parks, to a very interesting and varied nightlife, for the pleasure of all who dare to discover it. The Teatro Real, the fragrant avenues of the Retiro Park, the Plaza Mayor, the Art Triangle, the opera at the Palacio Real, the Parque del Oeste, walks through the mysterious old Madrid, full of legends, its emblematic neighborhoods, getaways just a few kilometers from the city where you can find wonders such as the Escorial, the Sierra de Guadarrama or La Granja de San Ildefonso (Segovia), are just a small sample of what Madrid can offer visitors.

It’s not for nothing that Madrid was awarded the World Travel Awards 2023 as the world’s best destination for meetings and congresses and this year, 2024, Madrid will host the AIBR International Congress of Anthropology for the third time.

From July 9 to 12, while the 10th AIBR Congress is taking place, Madrid is forecasting warm temperatures and no rain, but that shouldn’t scare visitors away. Madrid awaits us with open arms and is delighted to reveal itself to all those who are thirsty for new experiences and interested in discovering its charm.

We welcome you to Madrid!

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